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Build Computers in School!

9th Sep 2009 - 02:18pm News Clips
How many kids still know how to build his own computer these days? Back in the old days, we build our own computers. We upgrade it and tweak it trying to make it run just a little bit faster. I wonder how may kids have ever seen how does a computer look…


14th Jun 2009 - 04:00pm 兩週一聚

Game theory

14th May 2009 - 12:52am Daily Scribble
This term instead of taking a philosophy course, I am taking a economics course, game theory. Technically, I am not taking a course, I did not register. I am just going to the lecture to audit the course off the record. It is one of those huge lecture…

Old friends

5th May 2009 - 10:32pm Daily Scribble
It has been many years since I spend time in Toronto.  Last time I came back for my friend’s wedding, I only stayed for a weekend.  I did not even have enough time for my family, so I could not see most of my friends.  I saw many friends in…

Missing chapters in college days

2nd May 2009 - 08:33am Daily Scribble
Block university has a applied disablity study program that is related to Pat’s studies in autism, so we drove to St. Catherine to take a look at the university campus.  Comparing to the huge campus of UBC, Block seems very small.  Even…

The process or the result

28th Apr 2009 - 11:49pm Daily Scribble
I have a friend quited her job and went to study MBA planned for a career change.  Very unfortunately, now she graduate right in the middle of the fiancial crisis.  Jobs opening is drying up everywhere, especially on the traditional MBA related…

What’s wrong with the undergrad mentality

1st Apr 2009 - 11:11pm Daily Scribble
Today is the last day of my philosophy class. The professor has office hour after the lecture. I don’t know which essay topic should I choose, so I went to see her. There is a small line up in front of her office. Some students want to check…


28th Mar 2009 - 02:41pm 兩週一聚
今期兩週一聚由加燦出題目﹐原本的題目水蛇春咁長﹕傳統 & 傳統智慧 / Convention & Conventional Wisdom。為免影響博面排板美觀﹐我把貼子的題目改為﹕傳統與傳統智慧…

Demanding professor

3rd Jan 2009 - 05:44pm Daily Scribble
Next semester, my life begins getting back to normal, I am talking another philosophy course. I had class with this professor before, she is really demanding. In her class, she forbid any students using laptop, even for taking notes, because…

Quest for wisdom

10th Dec 2008 - 06:47pm Daily Scribble
I didn’t take any part time course at SFU this term because I have to adjust my newly wed life and I to work in India for 3 weeks in October. I am going to resume my studies next term. I can only afford to take one course per term, so I am working…
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