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The pros and cons of VAT

19th Nov 2009 - 12:21pm News Clips
Looks like the Economist agree with HST in principle. HST is not just tax raise, it changes the nature of federal tax from sales tax to value-added tax and it supposes to replace incoming tax as a more “fair” tax system. Now we has…

ecoEnergy inspection

14th Sep 2009 - 02:24pm Daily Scribble
We just have our ecoEnergy inspection for our new place over the weekend.  The Canadian government is giving out ecoEnergy Retrofit Home Grants to encourage home owners making their home more energy efficient.  Before your renovation,…

Tax return

23rd Apr 2009 - 11:36pm Daily Scribble
April is the time to file the tax return.  This year’s tax return is a little difference than last year’s.  My status in the file has changed from single to married.  In the point of view of Revenue Canada, nothing much is changed. …

Taxable benefit of living in school

27th Nov 2008 - 06:22pm Daily Scribble
My high school made news on Globe and Mail, a national newspaper. Revenue Canada, aka taxman, sues the headmaster and teachers living on campus understating their taxable benefits on free rent. The headmaster claim a taxable benefit of $6000…

Carbon tax and rebate

26th May 2008 - 12:42pm Daily Scribble
The BC liberal government is going to add a 2 cent carbon tax to all fuel starting July 1.  At the same time, we will get a $100 cash rebate from the government in the name of climate action division.  The idea is you can spent the money to lower your…


24th Apr 2005 - 11:11pm Daily Scribble
Apirl is the tax season of the year, and people are busy in preparing their tax returns. With only 1 week left before the filing deadline, I finally started preparing my tax return tonight. I have been a loyal customer to Quicktax for many years.…