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3D Printing, The printed world

27th Feb 2011 - 11:18am News Clips
This is the end of Bandai. Who would buy over priced plastic model if you can print your own Gundam? Probably it will be the end of ToyR’us too.By Feb 10th 2011, Economist Three-dimensional printing from digital designs will transform…

How geeks consume media

23rd Jul 2009 - 12:01am Daily Scribble
A 15 years old intern at Morgan Stanley wrote an report on How Teenagers Consume Media. The mass media pick up report and thought they found the crystal ball on how to analyze the teens market. Maybe the mass media belongs to the previous generation,…


17th May 2005 - 11:37pm Daily Scribble
The topic of longevity was bought up today during the aisle chit-chat session. What will you do if you can live a thousand years. One of the colleagues said he would like to build a self sufficient floating city, which is kinda like the Freedom…


16th May 2005 - 03:08pm Daily Scribble
Today when I was discussing how to vote on tomorrow’s provincial election with colleagues, I come across this wonderful idea. Base on the fact that we all agree that politicians are not trustworthy, I come up with this wonderful idea…