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Workload before vacation

1st Aug 2008 - 09:24pm Daily Scribble
It always seems work is extra busy right before you are about to take a long vacation.  I will be away 3 weeks for my wedding and honey moon.  There is only 1 week of work time left before I take off.  Although I have planned the vacation many months…

Vacation at home

14th Mar 2008 - 09:37pm Daily Scribble
After over 24 hours of flying, finally I arrived at the Vancouver International Airport.  The long flight from India to Canada is though, taking off at 3a.m. make it even worse.  Usually when I take vacation, I will fly away from home and spend…

Aftermaths of long vacation

14th Jan 2008 - 07:10pm Daily Scribble
I just come back form a 3 weeks long vacation in HK.  Every time I go to a long vacation, there are tons of aftermaths waiting me come back to deal with.  When I am on vacation, I couldn’t do laundry often.  Together with the dirty clothes before…