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I was not looking for my dreams to interpret my life, but rather for my life to interpret my dreams.

— Susan Sontag


Prototypical: The Emergence of FPGA-Based Prototyping for SoC Design – Daniel Nenni & Don Dingee

21st Nov 2016 - 10:59pm 書評
高科技與歷史,兩樣風馬牛不相及的事情,今次竟然放在同一個句子上。這是一本關於高科技行業歷史的書,作者Dan Neenni是半導體業界的老行尊,他建立的semiwiki.com網站,是矽谷業界重要的資訊來源。這本書是去年我去Design…


24th Feb 2012 - 03:30pm
SW/FW Automated Test Framework and Debug Toolkit for System Testing In Design/IP Track Presentation of the 53rd Design Automation Conference (DAC 2016, Austin TX, Jun 4 – Jun 9, 2016) Abstract: This presentation outlines a novel SW/FW…

IP Integration : What is the difference between stitching and weaving?

6th Feb 2011 - 08:54am News Clips
I should write a article on: What is the difference between reusing and salvaging…by David Murray, 12/15/2010, Design and Reuse As a hardware design engineer, I was never comfortable when someone talked about IP integration as ‘stitching…

Challenging Misconceptions About Verification Languages

11th Mar 2010 - 01:56pm News Clips
Looks like Cadence is finally on offensive and pushing Specman strongly over SystemVerilog. As a long time user of Specman, I would like to see Specman wins the HVL war at the end which will make my skill and experience more valuable.…

What Makes A Great Verification Team Great?

8th Dec 2009 - 10:33pm News Clips
Here is some words of wisdom on verification from thinkverification.com. I could not agree with this article any more, especially on the last point. We verifiers should education the importance of verification to the company, especially…

10 Myths About Verification

29th May 2009 - 01:02am Know How
Every verification engineer should remember this list by heart so that they can educate their managers. The list is so true that I print a copy and pin it to my cube…

Cadence and my friend’s love story

2nd Aug 2005 - 07:01pm Daily Scribble
I had to come to work early today to meet up with the representative from Cadence. Somehow I am chose to baby sit them, give them the requirement from the team. I have a feeling they come to help us just because they want to have Cadence’s product…