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Whistler on Google Street View

9th Feb 2010 - 11:16pm Daily Scribble
It is pretty cool seeing Whistler mapped by Google Street View. The runs looks quite difference in street view than when I am skiing on it. I guess when I am skiing, I was too focus on not falling down. I didn’t take a good look at the scenery…

Beginning of the ski season

3rd Jan 2010 - 02:11am Daily Scribble
The skiing season is pretty short this year due to the Olympic. The Sea to Sky Highway is closed during the games for normal traffic and hotels in Whistler will be ridiculously expensive. That means I have to use up most of all my ski passes before…

Whistler in trouble

28th Feb 2009 - 06:54pm Daily Scribble
This year, February is very warm and dry. Whistler is missing at least 1 meter of snow fall compare to February of last year. The snow condition of last few weeks is so bad that even a hardcore skier like me don’t want to go skiing. Finally,…

Mogul skiing

9th Feb 2008 - 09:14pm Daily Scribble
Today I am trying to learn a new way of skiing mogul.  Long time ago, my ski instructor told me that are two ways skiing the mogul runs.   The first skill is easier, you go on top of the bumps, use the bump to slow down than make a turn by going around…


2nd Mar 2005 - 11:48pm Daily Scribble
Today is a rough day for me. First I went to Whistler with Chris early in the morning and the condition is not very good. The mountain is very foggy with low visibility, the snow at the top is ok but down in the middle is all slushy, even worse it’s…


19th Feb 2005 - 11:10pm Daily Scribble
Today I had my second run with my new ski. It’s great! I feel much better this time than last time, I guess my boots is settling in and my muscles is more used to the ski motions. It’s a bit unusal that today only four of us went to Whistler,…