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How to build a small table (part 2)

5th Mar 2010 - 01:45am Daily Scribble
After eight week of wood working class, I have built my first table. After going through all the steps and trouble from raw lumber to a finished furniture, I appreciate all different kinds of furniture made available by modern manufacturing…

How to build a small table (part 1)

12th Feb 2010 - 01:19am Daily Scribble
I am half way into my wood working class. My small table slowly comes into shape. I finally caught up with my mistakes and rebuild the two pieces that are too short. I am the fastest student in the class with everything ready to go. Since I am leading…

Measure twice, cut once

29th Jan 2010 - 12:38am Daily Scribble
I wish wood working is like writing software, there is a undo button to undo my mistakes. I make a very silly mistake today in my wood working class. I cut two pieces of wood one inch too short. Here is how it happened. The end of the tape measure, the…

Cutting wood

22nd Jan 2010 - 01:20am Daily Scribble
Today is the second class of my wood working class. I bought three pieces of birch wood last Sunday to make a small table. I learn how to cut the a rough wood into the required shape in today’s class. The cutting steps are pretty simple. 1.…