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Writer’s block

13th Dec 2008 - 08:04am Daily Scribble
Many writers often develop writer’s block after they have been writing for a while. They found their creativity dries up, could not write even a single sentence. I have been writing blog for almost 3 years, recently I found I have a mild…

A break from blog

1st Nov 2008 - 04:15am Daily Scribble
I haven’t write a single blog entry for the past week. It is not that I am getting lazy or getting tried of blogging. It is that I just move in with Pat and I am so busy trying to make myself home in the new place. Packing everything into boxes…

Blog about serious things

26th Mar 2008 - 06:39pm Daily Scribble
Someone asked me why don’t I blog about serious stuff, such as politics, social issues, lately.  I took a look at my recent entries in the past month.  Indeed I wrote a lot more about TV, movies, Anime than usual.  I guess my work at India…

article debts

7th May 2005 - 04:09am Daily Scribble
I had so many article debts, and I finally finished 3 articles in one day to repay some of them. Now all I still own is two articles to review a book and an anime. Since I had re-establish my website, I made promise to myself every time when I finish…