legal language

Tonight our project team had a team building dinner with the leaders from Saskatoon. The food and beer are great, and most important the expense is covered by PMC. In the dinner, we had talked about how expensive it is to file a patent. It costs tens of thousands of dollar to hire a lawyer to word the patent using those legal terms. Then I came up with an idea, why don’t we have software automating this process? Legal language is a subset of normal language, and each word has a specific meaning, which is similiar to logic statements understand by computers. The goal is to create a software that will translate contracts and patents written in daily english into a legal document. It would be a great idea for inter-discipline research among the liguistic, CS, and law departments.


Bittorrent is the de facto peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. According to a latest internet traffic survey, bittorent traffic alone account for 30% of total internet traffic. If you search hard enough, you could pretty much find anything you want to download, from movie to music to anime to software. Comparing to other p2p service, the advantage of bittorrent is the more user the faster download speed, due to its clever distributed torrent exchange algorithm among the cilents. Yesterday I come across a cool bittorrent T-shirt when surfing the web, it has the BT logo ans says “Give and ye shall recieve” at the back. I’d like to buy one to support this wonderful protocol and make a statement on file sharing. And yes, I against the copyright law.


It is simply inhumane to have eight thirty meeting in the morning right after a long weekend. I did make it to the meeting on time, but the side effect is I feel sleepy all day due I deprived of sleep in the morning. There is another 2 hours boring presentation in the afternoon, and logically I end up fishing during most of that meeting. It’s unlike in the school days which I can sleep comfortabily in class, I had to try keep myself awake in the meeting. The presentation is done by a marketing guy on our new product. I wonder how successful can the product be if similiar presentation also goes to the customers or the executives.

easter long weekend

This Easter long weekend is not very productive. In fact I’m so lazy that I havn’t written my blog for two days. However I had done quite a few things in this long weekend. In summary, I had hotpot dinner with CBC friends from work at Jason and Alison’s place. I’m surprised to learn that Alfred and Jeanet is engaged, and they are about the same age as me and Pat. This give me yet more pressure to get marry. Sunday spent the whole day in Richmond, church in the morning, studied at Starbuck in the afternoon, followed by dancing lesson. It’s the first lesson for beginner class, and it’s teaching Cha-cha this week. Although I had learnt ballroom dancing once back in university, I still find dancing is very challenaging to me. The problem I have is I can’t count the beats and my music-action co-ordination is pretty bad. The beginner dancing class are too advance for me, it teaches too many moves in one lesson. I think they teach the fundamental body movement, especially the balancing of your feets at first. Today I watched too much TV, including Sunday Report on the problem of hidden youth in HK, 6 eposides of “Cruel Ding” and some more Gundam Seed Destiny. The “Ding” show is pretty funny, gave me and Pat lots of laughs. No wonder it is the hottest topic in HK at the moment.

Lastly I would like to write about this week eposide of GSD. It definitely has the best action scenes and mecha fighting in the season. There are too much talking and clip shows in the past few eposides. Even Freedom Gundam is two years old comparing to the lastest Gundam, Kira with his super coordinaror abilitiy able to disable all other Gundams in the battle field. I wonder who can be his opponent at the end of the series, maybe he will somehow die half away just because he is too strong. Looking forward to what will happen in next week’s eposide.

new theory on the resurrection

I went to Whislter with Pat today to try out her new snowboard. The weather is pretty good, and the snow condition is great. This is the first time I went to Whislter with just Pat and no one else. Today is quite an easy day for me since I need to company Pat go down the slope slowly. Since today is the Good Friday, on our way back we talked about Jesus and the cross. Then I came up with a new theory on Jesus’ resurrection. According to the Bible, Mary Magdalene found the tomb was empty on Sunday morning, this can only show Jesus was resurrected by that time, but doesn’t preclude Jesus had resurrected on a much earlier time. My new theory is Jesus was raised from death once the stone of the tomb is sealed, so Jesus was dead only for several hours instead of three days. Jesus, who also has God’s duty, must be a busy man, he can’t afford doing nothing for 3 whole days lying in the tomb. He must had seize the time between his death and his reappearance in front of others to accomplish some unkown but yet important tasks. The direct consequences of my new theory is the Apostles Creed and related versus in the Bible has to be updated. That 3 days of Jesus’ life not recorded by the Bible can open up lots of interesting conspiracies, maybe it will be the plot of the sequel of Da Vinci’s Code, or even foundations of a whole new sect of christianity.

wash feet

Today is the day before easter friday, according to the Bible, tonight is when the last supper took place. I went to the passover mass at St. Marks college in UBC tonight. On top of the usual rituals, there is a feet washing event in the mass. I had done feet washing a few years ago in the church camp. Washing others feet is not a big deal, as long as you got to clean your hands afterward. However, letting other wash your feet, which could be quite smelly after stuff in the shoe for a whole day, is quite embrassing. Moreover I think people shouldn’t show their toes in public, let alone show them in church, it’s really disrespect to Jesus. We should propse other more elagent ways to serve other, such as shoulder massage, instead of washing feet. We cannot follow the Bible literally in today’s world, feet washing needs a modern context. Worst of all, the father didn’t clean his hand after washing the feet before handling the eucharist, that poses a hygiene problem. I begin to think, church serving eucharist is like resturant serving food, the same hygiene standard should be applied.

newton’s three laws of graduation

We all had learnt Newton’s famous three laws of motion in highschool physic, which all of us accepted as universal truth since then. (Well, at least in non-nano, non-quantum scale). Now someone has discovered the long lost Newton’s three laws of graduation. I think that can explain why I’m still stucked with my degree right now.

First Law: A grad student in procrastination tends to stay in procrastination unless an external force is applied to it
Second Law: The age, a of a doctroal process is directly proportional to the flexibility, f, given by the advisor and inversely proportional to the student’s motivation, m
Thrid Law: For every action towards graduation there is an equal and opposite distraction


The full version of the laws can be found here


Worldwind is createdby NASA and is free to download. It is a model of earth with satellite photos overlay on the 3D terran, which you can fly over using different camera angle. The software also provide animation on different measurements on scientific data such as ocean current or cloud movement. The major drawback is that the ultra high resolution satellite photos only covers U.S. cities. There are major problems in overlaying city names of certain countries, hopeful this bug will be fixed on the next release. I had spent quite some time exploring and really fascinated by this virtual globe. It can be download at here

soccer shoes

Today I went to Richmond to get soccer equitment with Jackson out of the blue. I didn’t plan to go, but somehow I just bump into Jackson on his way out and decided to tag along for the discount. I end up bought a soccer t-shirt, a pair of shoes and a pair of socks for almost a hundred buck. Since I had invested so much in soccer gears, I gota use them more often to get the worth out of them. The shoe we went to is a speciality store only sells soccer related stuff. I wonder, how can it survive in this niche market. My guess is that the owner is a soccer fans himself and the store runs like a hobby more than a business.


I used to had a prejustice on soccer, somehow I always thought soccer is not fun, just a whole bunch of guys chasing the ball. I think it’s partly due to the bad experience I had back in Lasalle. When I was young, I can’t run and I don’t have any training on soccer skills. When I played soccer in P.E. lesson, I end up not having much action. Tonight I played a soccer game with friends the first timeafter so many years, and I found I actually like it. I think partly it is because this time it’s an indoor game and we have plenty of subsitute players, so I don’t have to run that hard. Most players are inexperience, I’m not the worst one. There some other players about my level. The biggest difference is I treated the game differently. Now when I am getting old, all I want is just some excerise that I can run around and sweat alot. Getting control of the ball and score goals is no longer my focus. Even I got the ball, I’ll probably lose it if I try to push in myself. So I just have some fun, ran up and down, while trying to block the attack of other team. I think I like the feeling of stealing the ball from other players. I know I’m not the type who can score and be the hero of the team. Playing middle field defense, pass the ball to the front and occationally get a kick on rebounce suits me. I’m going to buy a pair of soccer shoes and socks for the next game. I think Pat would say I’m become more manly after playing soccer.