food festival

This weekend the annual Eat! Vancouver food festival is taking place in BC Place. I went to the first day of the show after work with Pat. The ticket price is $12 regular, $10 with a donation to the food bank. So I bring along some old canned food digged up from my self that I will never eat. There are many free food samples in the show. On top of that, I bought some tickets to try larger sampling plate and alcohol drinks. The best part of the festival is the Food Channel cooking show hosted by Iron Chef winner Rob Feenie. His show is quite funny, I am not bored for hour long show. Best of all, I get the chance to try his dishes after the show. Most people just left after he is done without expecting they can actually taste the dish. Me and Pat went to the front to try our luck. Only a few people was standing there and we were just looking at the dishes at first. Somehow I’m brave enough to ask the host whether can I taste it. Out of my expectation, the host cut up the steak and fios gras, bring out four forks, and tell us to help ourself. Obviously they are not prepared to share the dishes with the audience, otherwise they should have prepared more folks. Pat also bought a recipe book written by Feenie and have him autographed. The food festival is definitely a good event to be to have a date with your girlfriend. Tasting the dish prepared by the Iron Chef is my highlight of the day, I guess I will have a good dream tonight.

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