fun run

Thirty six minute for running 5 km. I’m sure that’s definitely one of my personal record. Since a little kid, I’m never good at running. In highschool P.E. lessons, I’m always one of the slowest few in the class. Running for 10 laps and around the school run was like torture to me. After so many years, out of totally unknown reason, I signed up for the Science World Fun Run sponsered by the company. The registeration for the run is free, include a free T-shirt and high-tech shoe tag for individual time keeping. I guess it’s partly due to peer-pressure. Not only Pat started running to keep fit and wanted to come, several other friends at work also signed up. I was so worried that I would be the slowest one again. Fortunately, not including the girls, I am still faster than Louis and Jackson. Pat’s time is pretty good, only about 100 meters slower than Jackson. In the first half of the run, I stay besides Pat, so it was not very tried.

On the second half, Pat let me “runs free” and I keep up without walking all the way until the finishing line. The final 1km is the toughest, even though I was able to see the dome at the end point, there still a long way to go. It takes some self control for my exhausting yourself too soon by dashing prematurely. I think in long run, psychology plays as an important role as the body. There are times that I wanted to slow down and take a break, it is the mind force myself keep running. Actually I feel happy finishing the run, partly is due to the sense of accomplishment, and partly is due to chemical released in my brain from the vigorous exercise. I am planning to take part in the 10km run next year. Maybe in a few year when I’m not that busy, I’ll really start training to run a Marathon. Complete a Marathon race is now official added to my life time to-do list.

Today is really a busy day, it has been non-stop after the fun run in the morning. Right after the run, went home took a quick shower, then go to Richmond to have the farewell lunch with George. The guy go back to HK for good and got a job offer in the HK science park. Then it’s the weekly dancing class. This week is learning cha-cha for the 2nd time. I can feel my moves are better than last time, still I have problem counting beats. After that, we have to help out Krispy Kream distribution in the church. The fund raising for World Youth Day is a hugh success, I can’t imagine we had sold over 300 hundred dozens of donut. We were so careless that we forgot to order a box for ourself. Luckily, someone didn’t pick up their donuts and we could take that box home. Now as I’m writing about donut, I can feel my hunger and I know it’s time for me to stop writing and have a donut.

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