Recently, I got overwhelmed by church activities. There are too many meetings and events going on, and I am stressed out since it eats into my private time. Preparation for Worth Youth Day is good, but do we need to spend so much time doing all these things? Someone may prefer better prepare themselves spiritually, while someone simply don’t have such a need. Why force everyone follow the same path on spiritual quest? Tonight I had wasted 3 hours in yet another tumid meeting regarding the up coming St. Mary fund raising event, which should last no longer than 1 hour. I feel that we have way too many fund raising activities and it really bothers me. I rather spent the time working on my thesis or even sit back to relax a bit. All church activity should be on volunteer basis. Once someone committed the minimum effort, others should not push more works onto his plate than he is willing to take. Making everyone share the equal amount of work doesn’t make sense at all, since everyone’s expectation is different. Some people always complain they had did more work than others. But they gladly signed themselves for the job at first with no one forcing them. They never consider the option of doing less, which is perfectly fine with most people who want less work. Church stuff is not like real work, people don’t get pay for their service and there is no measurement on deliverable. I’m sure God doesn’t care how much time we put in, as long as we had made some effort. Serving God more may indeed accumulate more treasure in the heaven. The question is suppose that every resident of heaven is equally happy eternally, then what is the use of having more treasure if it can’t buy you more happiness?

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  1. I understand your frustration too… and I sometimes think, “What da deck? Why am I doing all these things when there’s no monetary rewards in return? Am I stupid or escapist from the reality of sth??” That really annoys me. And wonder why life (especially for women) will have to go through this stage… I can’t speak for all women, but at least, speaking for myself and the experience with all mother figures in my life, this is a stage for all women to go through, no matter it’s as young as a teen, or mature like an adult, or si naai like their lo gongs try to escape from in reality at home within the family setting…

    Having been through a very cynical stage before, I gradually begin to understand that women are the center of “love” for the family. Women are married to their husbands – doing the very best to take care of him, like acting as a bone to protect his heart from getting endangered or hurt from the reality of out in the crazy world. They stand beside to ensure that money doesn’t take over love as the total needs for the family, especially for the children. Women also give birth to children to form families. They love, nurture, teach… and sacrifice everything – including their lives (at least for my mom to me and bro) – for the very sake of children. Given such a tough job, if they’re been blessed from above, how can they be able to do it and pull it thru?

    Someone once says, church is like a mother to every Catholics. Just like Mother Nature to us. Catholics respect Mother Mary, in addition to the core belief in the Trinity of God, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    If one woman doesn’t serve charity ever in her life, she may not be able to make life to a good end……

    Therefore, true love is like bread for women, not like chocolate or sweets.

    Just my 2 cents~ Thanks.

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