I cannot stand long hairs, especially in the forehead. When hair gets into my eyes, they will get watery and red, make me very uncomfortable. I was hoping to get a haircut before I leave for Germany, but couldn’t find the time for the past week. Today when I and Pat were shopping at Superstores, I found that a barbershop there. It is one of those cheap Salon you can find in every mall. The haircut for man is really cheap, only cost ten bucks. I thought I only want to cut it short, not going to worry to much about the style, so why don’t I give it a try. That place gave me a feeling of the old style shanghai barbershop I went to when I was a kid. After you sat down, the first thing the barber is use the electric shaver trim off all the excess hairs. Then switch to comb teeth scissors to roughly cut out the shape and have some layering. At least give a final touch with a smaller electric razor. That is very different from the mans only salon I go to, which start with shampooing, head massage and then careful trim your hair bit by bit. Today my haircut is finished in less than half an hour. I am quite satisfy with the service and the price, although my look is a bit odd. Couldn’t complain much since that place is mostly for older man.

Bacholer Party

Tonight is Stuart’s bachelor party. It is one of the most boring bachelor party I had went to. I knew it would be like that, but wouldn’t expect it will end this early. We can even catch the final Skytrain home. The groom can’t really drink, he puked after only a few shooters. I had a few drinks tonight, enough to get high but not drunk. I don’t think I had puked before. The event tonight is pretty standard, the bachelor party package A. It’s funny that Stuart and other guys parked at Brendwood Mall, but they forgot to get off the Skytrain at Broadway. So I have end up driving them home after I got my car at Commercial. Oh well… can’t really write anymore, got a headache after a few shooters, better sleep early tonight.


Haven’t have time to write my blog for the past few days. My San Jose business trip is brutal. Don’t even think about saving money for the company, you deserve the most comfortable trip within your signing authority. If anyone go to the Santa Clara office, never stay in Holiday Inn Express, pick Marriott instead, at least you won’t get smelly smoking rooms and noisy kids from next door. I can sense the moral of Santa Clara office is really low. With the recovering job market down in Silicon Valley, I wonder how long before the only remaining key person will leave. Let’s hope I don’t have to fly down for another brain dump. These kind of less than 48 hours trip is not very fun.

I had dinner with Derek, LokShun and SoB on the one and only one evening I stayed in San Jose. It’s great to chat with old friends. In late September, Mingwai will come to San Jose, and I will fly down to meet him. He is the only one I havn’t seen in the past few years as he missed both Derek and Ching’s wedding.

Finally I move back to my home. It took me almost an hour to load all the stuff from my car back to my apartment. I had gather a lot more stuff during my 5 weeks stay at Pat’s place. I spent two hours this afternoon clean up my place before moving back. I hasn’t do any house work for almost half a year, it’s really really dirty. Now my place feel clean and tidy. I am only manage to set up my computer tonight. I think I will unpack the clothes tomorrow since it’s getting pretty late and I’m quite tired already.

I had planned a BBQ for dogs and dog lovers tomorrow. The hidden agenda is to introduce my cute little cousin to one of the less fortunate colleague who is still single. The reaction of the BBQ is not very positive. Many people who is afraid of dogs or whose girlfriend is afraid of dogs would not come. At last minute, one of the dog owners ditched us to go to a baby shower. In addition, I’m very busy this week preparing for my Germany trip, moving back to my own place and be a groomsman of a friend’s wedding. Time wise, it would be better for me simply call it off. Too bad that the chance letting the dogs meet each others is wasted There are 5 dogs in total, one chiwawa, two golden retrivers, and two American husky. It would be really fun if the BBQ is held as planned. One thing I don’t understand is why someone is afraid of dogs. Even though a dog may look vicious, the mind should control the heart to overcome the fear as it is known that a dog can’t fight against a man. I used to a little bit afraid of dogs, but now I grow accustom to them already. I gotta find a way cure my friends’ dog-phobia problem.

San Jose Trip

I am flying down to San Jose on unplanned business trip. One of the designer down there is leaving the company, and he holds some critical information of the project we are working on. So the company fly three of us down to SJ to get as much knowledge out of him as we can get before he disappear. The trip is really rush, fly down today on the earliest flight and fly back to Vancouver tomorrow evening. The flight this morning is brutal. I had to wake up at 4a.m. to catch the 7a.m. flight. Today is very unproductive, since I am all drowsy in the meeting due to depletion of sleep. Next time, if anything trip like this come up, I will definitely fly down the night before and have a good sleep. Too bad I only got 1 night here in SJ, I can couldn’t meet all the friends I have. I can only pick someone haven’t seen for a long time to have dinner with tonight. When we arrived, two of us from Vancouver suppose to meet up with another person come down from Saskatoon. We planned to meet at the car rental booth, but he didn’t show up after a long wait. We tried to phone the airline and find out whether he made it down to SFO. It turned out that his flight did arrive on time, but airport computer system screwed up and the plane is sitting on the taxi way for an hour. It would be more informative if the computer system actually tell us the plane has arrived but the passenger cannot get off yet. We had go around the airport twice trying to locate him, luckily he eventually show up at the car rental.

Return of Pat

Finally Pat will come back to Vancouver tomorrow and I can be relief from the duty of taking care of Charlie. I miss my own place and my bed. I have been taking good care of Charlie. I walked him everyday and play fetch the ball with him on weekends. I even give him a field trip, bought him along to a friend’s BBQ party in Richmond. Sometimes I wish the dog can be more obedience, especially when I am walking him, but in general he is a good boy. Charlie is pretty smart, when his bowl runs out of water or he wants to go out to pee at night, he will poke me with his nose. I think we are going along pretty well, so it won’t be a problem of becoming his step-father.

WYD fund raising

Finally I know the amount we got for the WYD fund raising after several months of hard work. Each person will get roughly $500 from St. Paul in check. The group leader had keep tracked of the number of hours spent by each person, and in total I had spent about 40 hours. This translates into hourly wage of about $12, about 50% higher than the minimum wage at McDonalds. Although I still think it doesn’t worth the effort to raise money for myself, but the extra $500 will definitely help my bottom line of this trip. I think I will contribute this money to my new camera. I hope 2.5Gb of flash memory shared between me and Pat would be enough for 3 weeks in France and Germany.


Today must be a good day in Chinese calender. I know two couples from church pick the today for their wedding. I couldn’t go to both of their ceremony, so I have to choose between them. The one I went to is pretty standard, marriage mass at St. Helen then banquet at Metrotown. The banquet surprisingly short, we finished all the dishes at 9:30p.m. There is nothing worth to mention in the wedding, except I don’t expect to see my cousin there. One thing I had noticed is when the bride and groom are playing games, it is better to have give them a mic, so it is more interactive. The audience are out of touch with the game just by the description of the mc.

After the wedding, I joined friends from work for poker game. I was practicing a new trick tonight. Now I can shuffle chips using single hand, like the professional players in poker show on TV. It is kinda useless, but fun, even more fun than the poker game itself.

Left or right

When I am searching for power socket format used in Europe, I came across an interesting article on origin of driving direction. Some countries drive on the left hand side of the road, which is Japan, UK and its former colonies, and the rest of the world drive on the right hand side. Driving on the left hand side actually makes sense and it can be dated back to pre-automobile days. Knights are usually riding on the left side on the road, so that their sword using arm is closer to incoming enemies. Moreover they carry the sword on the left hand side, so it is easier to mount or dismount the horse from the left. It is more natural to get off the horse to the side of the road rather than towards the center of the street. Thus riding and driving on the left hand side of the road is a symbol of the noble class, where the presents leave to walk on the right side of the road. When revolution came in France and US, the people want to distinguish themselves from the old royal system, therefore driving on the right became the rule. Sometimes illogical choices due to political ideology would stay and affect our life for a long time.

The article can be found at this link.

Cell phone

I forgot to bring my cell phone to work in two consecutive days. I have a habit put all the stuff I have to bring everyday in one spot, and put everything into my pockets in the morning blindly. If I don’t see the thing, there is a high chance I forget to bring it. Let me count how many items I have to gear up before walking out the door. There are wallet, coin purse, home keys, car key, cell phone, eye glasses, watches and palm. The problem is that I put my stuff on the right hand side of the monitor, while the cell phone has to placed on the left hand side to recharge. I can’t simply put everything on the left hand side since it does not have enough space. There is no easy solution to this problem, not until I move back to my own place where everything is nicely arranged. For the mean time, I just have to remind myself about the cell phone every morning.


The schedule of the project at work is really bad. My part has been slipped for almost 3 weeks already. I suppose to have 1.5 months to verify my block before I take off for vacation. However my work depends on the deliverable from other team members. Both the RTL design and the testbench components are late and cause a cascade effect to my schedule. Now I only have a little more than 2 weeks before my vacation and those parts are still not working. Today I got another release from Saskatoon, but it turn out the code is so buggy that it is unusable. It seems the first milestone of flushing out the datapath has to wait until I come back from Germany. The managers keep saying my block is not on the critical path so it can slip a bit. I hope the schedule will not get out of control and put me in the hot seat when it’s time to tape out.