Vancouver Flight Tour

My old friend Derek visit Vancouver over this long weekend. It’s the first time I meet his new born baby, Kathyn. She is really cute, the body is chubby, and the skin is like Tofu. She is indeed a perfect target for face pinching. In the afternoon, after having dim sum with Peter Choy, Derek gave me an air tour of Vancouver. We took off at the Pit Meadows airport, flew to downtown Vancouver, then turn around at Horse Shoe Bay. The tour lasted a little bit more than an hour, and it’s quite an experience for me. It’s my first time riding on a small airplane. When I first saw the plane, I was a bit disappointed. The plane is very old, it even have rusty spots on the hulk. The interior is about the same size as a mini-copper. Since Derek cannot get the Canadian temporary pilot license on time, we had a flight instructor came along, so I didn’t get my chance to steer a little bit. I was sitting at the back seat and it’s not as tight as it seems. The airplane is much nosier than I had expected. I have to wear a headset in order to talk with Derek, otherwise he has no way to hear my voice. The ride is very smooth, I didn’t experience any turbulence. The landing part is a bit scary, since Derek had to set the engine to idle. It’s uneasy for an untrained passenger when the comfort humming of the engine is suddenly lost. I took lots of picture of the scenery I saw, a total different view from what I usually see on commercial airline. Please check it out at my photo ablum.

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