The toastmaster magazine of month has some good articles on how to be humorous in the speech. Use jokes effectively in the speech to further delivery your message is the hardest thing to master. The article give some very good pointers on how to delivery the laughs, contingency plan when the audience don’t laugh and simple elements of humor. All humor are rooted from the element of surprise. A joke is funny because it breaks the normal train of thoughts of your audience. Rule of three and pinch line is the most comment technique. If you had just told a joke and no one laughs, the best way to deal with this situation is pretend you were serious. You’ll look like an idiot if you try to explain the joke or force a few laughs from yourself. Most people will long forget the content of the speech, but still remember the joke used in the speech. Here is my to first try to write my own joke.

How can a romantic movie make the audience cry?
1. One or both of the main characters has to leave town
2. One or both of the main characters is about to die
2. One or both of the main characters has really bad acting

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