St. Mary T-shirt

After cleaning up Charlie’s mess last night, I had only slept for 4 hours. I had to wake up really early today to help distributing St. Mary’s T-shirts. Out of my surprise, there are not many people come to pick up their T-shirts, we end up having 40 T-shirts unclaimed. I definitely don’t want to waste another day giving them out, but it’s too many leftovers to blame the buyers for not claiming them. I hope Milgrid will take care of it without troubling us too much. They made me de the 12:00 mass announcement. The practice at toastmaster helps, but standing standing in front of 20 people is very different from in front of 400 people. The beginning part of my announcement is pretty good, but I begin to rush my words when it’s close to the end. That is one thing I have to keep in mind to improve the next time.

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