Macross Gold Book

I have been a long time Macross fans. Back in the old days, whenever I walked by the amine shop, The Pirate Ship, in Mongkwok, I always stare into the the shopping window at the Macross Gold Book. I remember it cost HK$1000. It is specially printed for the release of Macross The Movie. It comes with a Valkyrie cut through poster and a film stripe bookmark. Being a student I didn’t have the money to buy the book at that time. Eventually the stocks ran out and I never seen it selling in any shops again. Many years had passed, with the advancement in internet, I occucationaly see it selling on eBay. Albeit it is usually very expensive, especially for the first edition that come with the film stripe. I saw some of them have reached over US$200 without shipping. This book is quite heavy and shipping cost is estimated at least $20, probably over $40 if shipping out from Asia. I came across another one in eBay a few weeks ago. Thanks to the Macross World Forum being shut down for maintenance during that week, I won the book without any competition. It’s even cheaper than the original price. Today the book arrived by mail, and I had finally fulfilled one of my long time childhood dreams. As a bonus, the film stripe bookmark features a close up shot of Minmay, the leading female character. What a pleasant surprise!

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