Today must be a good day in Chinese calender. I know two couples from church pick the today for their wedding. I couldn’t go to both of their ceremony, so I have to choose between them. The one I went to is pretty standard, marriage mass at St. Helen then banquet at Metrotown. The banquet surprisingly short, we finished all the dishes at 9:30p.m. There is nothing worth to mention in the wedding, except I don’t expect to see my cousin there. One thing I had noticed is when the bride and groom are playing games, it is better to have give them a mic, so it is more interactive. The audience are out of touch with the game just by the description of the mc.

After the wedding, I joined friends from work for poker game. I was practicing a new trick tonight. Now I can shuffle chips using single hand, like the professional players in poker show on TV. It is kinda useless, but fun, even more fun than the poker game itself.

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