Catch up

There are many things I have to catch up after I come back from my trip. One thing is I have to download the mp3 published in boxup while I was away. I found thate Ronald Cheung new CD is really good, almost every song has a good melody. He spent most of his time acting in comedies that makes me forget he is originally a singer. On top of it I have to catch up with my reading of Economist and PC Magazine. I could skip most of the time related news in economist, but the economal analysis has a longer time life that is still applicatable for a while. I had updated the photos of my trip to my photo album, but I had make so many typos in the description that I think I should go over it once more before I share it with my friends.

I still have seen my other luggage, for another 3 more days, I could declare it a lost and claim the insurance. If I could get both $500 from AC and $800 from travel cut, that should be sufficient to cover my lost. However, I rather see my own bag back to save all the troubles of claiming the insurance. I have to file in lots of paper work to get the claim reimbursed, and I doubt the possibility of having the complete amount pay out to me. You know the insurnace companies are always dodgy.

Life back to normal

I am still in a holiday mood today, even though I had to go back to work. I spent the whole day catching up all my emails and unpacking the boxes since I had moved my cube while I was away. The schedule suddenly become much tighter when some additional features added to my block. There was a good news waiting for me, finally I moved up the queue a little bit and got a small pay raise. I keep retelling the same story at least ten times while I was treating my colleagues with chocolate I brought from Germany. I am so good at telling it now I can simpily summarize my trip to different length of conversation.

I heard some good news from Verona about her progress. Hopefully me and Pat could go out with them for a double date sometime soon. She has been collecting my email at work, and I recieved a mysterious package containing a PMC watch and a nice PMC folder. I have no idea who and why sent the gift to me. I suspect it is related to the suggest I made to Uncle Bob.

Air Canada is really screwed up, I received one of my luggages today, and is the not so important one only has lots of dirty clothes. I rather they delivery my backpack which has all my valuables and then let me claim the $800 insurance for baggage lost on my dirty clothes. Let’s see when I will get my other luggage back.

Rest of the day

Today I was sleeping until dinner time, if it is not Pat woke me up by calling me, I could very well sleep all the way until next morning. It is really tried after the long trip, and I had catched up my emails and postings last night. Still I havn’t get the chance to start writing my travel journal. My luggages still havn’t arrive today, and their status on aircanada website is still unknown. So I have to prepared for the worst and say good bye to all my dirty clothes. Oddly enough, the most valuable item in the luggage is the backpack itself. Pat found the battery charger of my camera in her luggage, so I can download the photos off from the camera. I had took more than 1500 pictures, gota filter the interesting one and put them on the web.

Coming home

Finally, I am home after three of travel of travel in France and Germany. This trip is more a prilgrimage than a vacation, I had visited many spiritual places on top of attending the world youth day. Other than staying in Paris for a week, I had been to Taize, Lourdes, Munich/Dorfen and Cologne/Dusseldof/Bonn. Out of the many places, I like Dolfen most and Taize second. I will have three weeks worth of travel journal to catch up writting, hopefully I will be done by the long weekend. It is a really rewarding experience in term of spirituality and boarden the horizon of my knowledge space. Europe is a very difference place than Canada, however concluded from this travel experience, I can say I love living in Canada most and pround of being a Canadian. For the past three week, I have been deprived access of internet and news, I miss the feeling of typing on my own keyboard so much. Although without using mouse for three weeks, my waist condition seems better. On my flight home, I was so hungry for information that I had read a newspaper, Time magazine and Economist in one sitting. The world still revolving as usual even I didn’t pay any attention to it. Now I have to take a good rest and pray for my luggages will come home tomorrow as promised by Air Canada. Apparently they had left a cargo of luggage in Heathrow as many people in my flight didn’t get their luggages. Luckily the most pricious item of all, the SD memory for my digital camera is in my hand carry. All I missed are dirty clothes, useless souvenirs, books from Louves, and treats for colleagues and friends.


Tomorrow I will be flying to Germany and started my three weeks pilgrimage to see the Pope in the World Youth Day. As usual I pack my stuff at the night before departure. This time is quite difference from my previous trip. In the past, either I am going back home or go somewhere just for a few days, I can afford to forget to bring something. This time I am going all the way to Europe where I can’t easily get resupplies. So I have to check and double check my to bring list. Before I put the stuff in my new backpack, I was a bit afraid it can’t hold all my stuffs. To my surprise, albeit the main compartment looks kinda small, it fits changing clothes for a whole week. There is no way it can fit two weeks load of clothes, so I will have to do laundary at least once during the Days of Encounter.

I won’t be able to update my blog until I get back from my trip. However I will keep a trip journal in the old fashion pen and paper way and upload to my blog when I am back. See you all in three weeks.


Visit the school clinic at SFU, to see the doctor about my allergies. She gave me some ornment, and I feel better after applying it. I don’t feel that itchy anymore. Allergy is caused by over reaction of the immune system. It seems more and more people are suffering these days, especially in big cities. I suppose that could be fix with genetic engineer or nanobots. In my point of view, allergy is a more serious problem to the first world than other deadly disease to the third world. If international charity pour money into vaccine for those third world disease, why the research for cure of allergy left mainly in the hand of private pharmaceutical companies, which later hugh amount for the medication just because the customer can afford it. I believe it is basic human right to live in an allergy free environment. Compare to the life of third world people, whom shouldn’t come to the world in the first place, the suffering of allergy is indeed a more pressing problem for many people like myself.

Cadence and my friend’s love story

I had to come to work early today to meet up with the representative from Cadence. Somehow I am chose to baby sit them, give them the requirement from the team. I have a feeling they come to help us just because they want to have Cadence’s product more erode into PMC’s tool chain. So I end up not thing any work at all today. Make it worse, I have to come in early tomorrow morning to let them into the building as well. One good thing about it is one of the representative is base off in Toronto. I am looking forward to keep him as a contact in what company that I may potentially switch when moving back home. Companies using Specman would make a perfect match for my skill set.

The story of my friend and her new crush keeps evolving and it’s getting more and more interesting. It seems she already know more about that guy than I do, even though it is me who introduce her the guy. Let’s see how this romantic adventure will turns out, Pat and I will pay close attention to the latest development.


Today had been a long day. I woke up at seven to be the groomsmen of Stuart. Although I am friend to both Maggie and Stuart, I still have no idea why he pick me. Anyways, the morning starts with some fun. The brotherhood first met up at Westwood Plateau and drive to the bride’s house. It the first time my car is used as a flower car for the bridesmaid. The capture the bride part is quite easy, just some push ups, peel apple and lemon without breaking the skin, and some mushy singings. It is great to try out my new camera. I am not used to it, and couldn’t believe it’s my own camera. I must have been using my old crappy digital camera for too long. I drove a lot today, back and forth between Coquitlam and Burnaby several times. The ceremony is at Our Lady of Fatima. Pat was the choir director and played piano after the pianist left too early. As usual I fell asleep during the homily, but I am not the only one, all three groomsmen fell asleep too. It’s really a long and tried day. After church, Pat went to shopping with Verona, while I have to company the wedding party for some more pictures. The bandquet is held at Westwood Plateau golf club. The environment is really nice. The golf club drove us to photo spots using golf carts and prepare drinks and healthy finger food at the spot. The dinner is western style buffet, which is much better than I had expected, at least I can enjoy almost every single dish. I took a lot of pictures with Pat there, the sce nery is really nice looking over the baconley. We got asked the question when will be ours so many times that I don’t know what to answer. Even Brother Ho make fun of us by drawing cross of the marriage ritural in front of us. The only down side of today’s event is I forgot to ask for a silk flower instead of real flower. I suspect my allergy on my face is all due the flower pinned to my suit. Pop a pill of reacton and lots of water before sleep should cure it overnight.

There is an interesting romantic side story. It seems my friend Verona is very attactive just as Pat says. Although I found it hard to use this adjective on her as I see her everyday at work and none of our gang treat her as a girl. However, every time I see her in a wedding, there are always guys trying to get to know her. I really wish her luck this time. Maybe she could even beat Ivy on leaving the single status. Mmm…. That would make a very good bet. My money is on Verona for sure.