Coming home

Finally, I am home after three of travel of travel in France and Germany. This trip is more a prilgrimage than a vacation, I had visited many spiritual places on top of attending the world youth day. Other than staying in Paris for a week, I had been to Taize, Lourdes, Munich/Dorfen and Cologne/Dusseldof/Bonn. Out of the many places, I like Dolfen most and Taize second. I will have three weeks worth of travel journal to catch up writting, hopefully I will be done by the long weekend. It is a really rewarding experience in term of spirituality and boarden the horizon of my knowledge space. Europe is a very difference place than Canada, however concluded from this travel experience, I can say I love living in Canada most and pround of being a Canadian. For the past three week, I have been deprived access of internet and news, I miss the feeling of typing on my own keyboard so much. Although without using mouse for three weeks, my waist condition seems better. On my flight home, I was so hungry for information that I had read a newspaper, Time magazine and Economist in one sitting. The world still revolving as usual even I didn’t pay any attention to it. Now I have to take a good rest and pray for my luggages will come home tomorrow as promised by Air Canada. Apparently they had left a cargo of luggage in Heathrow as many people in my flight didn’t get their luggages. Luckily the most pricious item of all, the SD memory for my digital camera is in my hand carry. All I missed are dirty clothes, useless souvenirs, books from Louves, and treats for colleagues and friends.

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