Life back to normal

I am still in a holiday mood today, even though I had to go back to work. I spent the whole day catching up all my emails and unpacking the boxes since I had moved my cube while I was away. The schedule suddenly become much tighter when some additional features added to my block. There was a good news waiting for me, finally I moved up the queue a little bit and got a small pay raise. I keep retelling the same story at least ten times while I was treating my colleagues with chocolate I brought from Germany. I am so good at telling it now I can simpily summarize my trip to different length of conversation.

I heard some good news from Verona about her progress. Hopefully me and Pat could go out with them for a double date sometime soon. She has been collecting my email at work, and I recieved a mysterious package containing a PMC watch and a nice PMC folder. I have no idea who and why sent the gift to me. I suspect it is related to the suggest I made to Uncle Bob.

Air Canada is really screwed up, I received one of my luggages today, and is the not so important one only has lots of dirty clothes. I rather they delivery my backpack which has all my valuables and then let me claim the $800 insurance for baggage lost on my dirty clothes. Let’s see when I will get my other luggage back.

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