Tag alone

I tag alone with Pat today for the whole day. First in the morning, I went to CMCC with Pat. After that we went to have dim-sum with her friends, the girls had their girl talks while I was concentrating on my newspaper. After lunch, yet another girl joined the group and they moved to the food cafe. I finished my newspaper and start listening to Verona’s first radio show. The show is pretty lame, just some mindless game. I am surprised at the among of common knowledge needed to win this game, especially on the entartainment related questions. Then I moved to bookstore wait for the girls finish their gathering. When Pat came to grep me, I was reading a new novel. The first few chapters are pretty good that I decided to buy it. Big mistakes, never turst the introduction on the cover. I was reading the novel while Pat was shopping at Daiso. Without me rushing her to go, since I was reading my new book, she had bought quite some stuff. I have to give more pressure to Pat next time in order to save money from getting useless stuffs.

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