I posted three items to sell on eBay recently, some old toys and 2 SD card came with my cannon. The bidding all finished today. I am surprised that I get a pretty good price on all of the items. The SD cards is sold for about the average closing of similiar items, and I got away with quite a decent shipping fee. I had made almost doublt my profit for holding the toy for a year. I got it for US$21 including shipping and now I sell it for $45 including shipping, I will know how much I will make exactly once I found out the shipping cost tomorrow. I will have to visit the post office tomorrow. I am a bit nervous that I may get scammed, but judging from the feedbacks of my buyers, they wouldn’t risk a negative feedback for something this cheap. Maybe I should dig around my place and see what other useless stuffs I can list on eBay.

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