Chinese medicine

I boiled some chinese medicine for myself tonight and last night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t time it right, I always end up with half a bowl of medicine instead of a full bowl. As a result, the medicine is super concentrated. It is quite easy to boil the medicine, just throw all the ingredient into the electricity pot and plug it in. The pot will handle the rest, by turning down the power when the medicine is done. Cleaning the pot is less work than I had expected. I though the medicine taste so bad, the reminding in the pot must be very nasty. It turn out that I only have to throw away the residuals and rinse it with water. I feel better after drinking the medicine last night. Since it is not too much work, I will boil some every so often. I used to find the medicine taste awful, but somehow I become used to that awful taste. It doesn’t feel as bad as it was before.

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