Dim Sum

I went to have dim sum during lunch today at Carefree close to work. We used to go to that place for lunch, but it had changed from a HK style cafe to dim sum resturant while I was in vacation. Before the change, it only serve set lunch in the afternoon, and doesn’t attract too many customers. I found that the place is quite crowded today, I heard that we have to wait in line on a Friday. The dim sum served there is not bad, the taste is good, price is cheap, although the dishes are not as fancy as Kirin in Coquitlam. Since it is the only dim sum resturant in the area, it has a natural monoploy in the market. This is another successful story of surviving in the business world. Poor will lead to changes, changes will lead to prosperity. I wonder when will PMC learn this lesson and make up the mind to brand out into a new sector where there is less competitors?

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