Resume of master research

Today I finally resume my work for my M.Eng project. I have touch it since my vocation to Europe, which is almost 2 months ago. It took me longer than expect to ramp up, I had forgot the code I wrote, and have to read my own poor comments to gain an insight of my mind back then. I setup the matlab script to generate voice traffic, and run the trace file thru a testing ns script. The next step is build shell script to launch simulation automatically, parameterize the testscipt and means to extra delay information of the data packet. After that, I have to run the simulation with voice and data traffic, but got to figure out what data traffic model to use first. With all the infrastucture setup, I can then concentrate on repeat the simulation on video trace and traffic prediction model. The more I tought about it, the more work it seems to be. I really have to focus and work hard or I won’t be able to graduate on time.

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