St. Mary young adult group

Last night I went to Eucharist adoration at St. Mary with Pat in the evening. After the adoration, I followed her to the coffee house of St Mary’s young adult group. They have meeting every month on the first firday night and it is lead by Fr. Mark. Last night is theme is having a discussion on controversial subjects regarding the Catholic faith. Topics selected including female priest, the meaning of scaraments, confirmation at young age, allow priests to get marry, decline eucharist to pro-choice politicians. The atomsphere is very friendly, although people have different point of views, we have lots of laughts making ridiculous comments. Also it is very informative to have a father giving us background on the church’s official teachings, regardless of wether we agree with them. I always thought only converted priest from the Orthodox church allowed to stay marry, but it turn out this rule also applied to protestants. There is obviously a loop hole in the system to allow someone have all 7 scaraments. The disscussion makes me feel like a uncle Victoria Park, which is kinda fun. I won’t mind if Pat ask me to go with her next time.

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