I had a real badminton game today since I had stopped playing badminton in the summer. Last time didn’t count as a real game, I only played for 30 minutes due to the stupid AC said they will deliver my lost luggage on that night. However at the end, I waited them until 11:00p.m., I could have stayed for the whole game. Then the following two weeks, we had the teachers strike in Vancouver. All schools are closed including the one we rented the gym for. I think we should joined the Tax player association to sue the teacher union for compansation. We should get back $2 per night per person, or at least entended our court rental 2 extra weeks for free. My badminton skill is kinda rusty due to lack of practice, and I am not very good to begin with. Tonight I rediscover a few techniques that I had forgotten. First, In order to increase your reaction time, don’t trace the birdy, trace your opponent’s racquet, which points to the general direction where the birdy will fly. Second, return the birdy with back-hand, don’t hit the birdy in front of your body, hit on the side, so that you can have more follow through movement. I never had any badminton training at all, I only learn by observing others or some pointers from friends once a while. I think I need some formal badminton training, especially on the leg movements. It is necessary to break through the ceiling of my current skill level.

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