Guacamole is the green sause usually come with fajitas. Usually I perfer salsa, the red sause, more over guacamole, with one exception at the Stone Frog. Stone Frog seems to become the default resturant of choice for our subsystem team lunch. Last time when Mike and Mileend came over, we went there for lunch, and we went back there for our tape-in lunch this afternoon again. The famous dish at Stone Frog is their mexican meal that come with make in front of your guacamole. Guacamole is very simple to make. First prepare all the ingredients: The ingredients are: half of an avocadoe, chopped onion, jalapeno and tomatos, dry leaf oregano, salt and pepper, and lime juice. Then put all the ingredient into a bowl and mix them up. I tried jajita last time and I ordered the quesadilla this time. Both taste very good. I finished my bowl of guacamole and had three of salsa to go with my quesadilla. The meal is very satisfying, especially it is paid by the company. The only downside is after such a full lunch, I feel kinda sleepy in the afternoon, and very thristy from the salty Mexican sauces.

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