Ping Pong

Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is a common game played among children in Hong Kong. I remember there was a ping pong table in my primary school. Kids play ping pong during recess. The most common format of game is winner stays, each game is up to 3 points. There ain’t much to do in recess, so kids all line up for the game. I am never good at this game and I only know the basics, so I lost almost instantly. Thus I spent more time in the line than playing, and eventually lost interest to this game. Ping pong is not popular in Lasalle, never to say in highschool here in Canada, so I rarely play this game. In university, there is a ping pong table in the engineering student room. Just like in primary school, the table is a monoploy of the good players. Recently, PMC setup a recreation room and brough in a ping pong table. Not many people play ping pong seriously at work. I manage to find some players at my level, and got some pointers from my friends. Finally, I re-discover the fun of this game after so many years. With regular practise and causal game, my ping pong skill will improve to a point that is at least presentable.

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