Finally, I have discovered the correct way to eat the seaweed side dish come with the meal in Korean resturant. I went to the $5 cheap Korean place for lunch. Verona had learnt how to eat the seaweed from observing people from other table. She is so kind to teach me and Tyrone with a good demostration. The correct way is first take a slice of seaweed, lay it flat on top of your rice. Then pick up the seaweed by placing the chopsticks parallel to the rice surface, the seaweed will fold into two halves and hold rice in between. It looks kinda like a sushi. I found the seaweed taste much better eating this way. Now I have another reason going to that resturant for lunch. Oh… I also learnt the sweet dessert drink come with the lunch is called chi-ke. It is pronounced somewhere between chicken and sake.

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