I have listened to a very inspiring speech on procrastination, which I found is one of my biggest problem. There are three types of procrastination in general. The first type is the prefectionist. They won’t start working unless everything is planned out prefect, and everyone knows you can never archive perfect in planning. The second type is fear to success. Once the work is done, they don’t know what to do next or fear to work on something unknown, so they keep prolonging the work. The thrid type thinks the work is too tedious, they don’t bothering to start working on it. I think I have combined problem of the second and third type. The remedy to the procrastination is divid up the work into small managment task, and allocate a set time slot to work on it. If you couldn’t finish it within that time slot, at least you had start working on it. One can never get any accomplished by thinking about doing the thing, you gota act.

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