Today at lunch, Edwin showed me the Gundam game on his PSP. You all might already know that I am a long time Gundam fans. The new game is very attractive, so I played in car and while waiting for food. The game play itself is similiar to the old Gundam arcade game, but with different machines. It also come has story mode and support multi-player via the built-in PSP wireless protocol. Edwin had already finished the game, so all the machines are unlocked. The graphics is very nice, especially the glare and explosion effects. However, the game control is much worse than the old arcade game. The movement is not very natural, the terran doesn’t interact with the players. The moves are very limited, only very basic long range gunfire and meleec combat. In summary, it is a total disappointment. I wonder Bandia make this title just to milk the Gundam franchise. I rather they sincerely port the arcade version to PSP. Another reason justify not to buy original copy of mostly crappy games. Edwin is trying to convince me buy a PSP, my response is wait until I see the killer game, which I doubt will ever be made.

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