I rarely go to shopping, I actually feel a bit uncomfortable going to the mall. I always prefer to know exactly what to buy, the price I want to pay before I go into a shop. Buy things base soley on the limited information available in the store and presumably unreliable sales is just plain dumb. Anyways, tonight after dinner, I went to Metrotown with Pat. I have bought some new clothings. I think the last time I had bought any clothes is almost a year ago. The good thing about going to shopping with Pat is I can offload the decision making to her. Obviously she had much better taste on clothes and know alot more on the market price range than me. The only thing I need to decide is the total amount of money I am willing to spend in one shopping trip. Although I am happy with the fact that I have new stuffs to wear, but I don’t really enjoy the process. I wonder how can woman enjoy shopping?

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