Horlick is one of my favourate drinks since I was a little kid. Everytime when I have to choose the drink that comes with the lunch combo at Mui Garden, I always pick Horlicks. Horlick is made form malt, and usually come in powder form. According to the nutrition label, Horlick is a health drink with lots of vitamin and minerals. You just have to add several spoonful of Horlick powder sugar and milk to hot water to make a cup of Horlick. Pat recently bought me a box of 3-in-1 Horlick, which also include milk power and sugar in the same package. The first thing to do every morning, is make myself a cup of Horlick. Now, after the box is finished, I think I will bring a bottle of Horlick to work. The 3-in-1 is quite expensive, about 50 cents a bag, where a big bottle of Horlick powder only cost several bucks and I can get milk and sugar in the caferteria. Mm… so yummy.

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