New Year Resolution

Year 2005 is over, welcome to year 2006. In the past, I havn’t made any new year resolution or new year wishes. Therefore, I don’t have any review for my last year’s resolution or wishes. This year, I would like to make a list of things I want to do in the next 265 days. This year, I will be turning 30 and officially become a middle-age man. I have to think about my career plan and the path I want to take in the future. There are a few options I am considering after having my master fully completed and get the P.Eng title. Switching jobs or moving back East is an option, going back to school to switch field is another option. I may considering staying in PMC for a few more years if I land on an interesting project with learning opportunities and prospect to get a promotion. I don’t want to feel like stucking in a dead end at work. If I am leaving PMC, I want to complete my toastmaster CTM certificate.

I have been keeping up well in writing articles and blogs, I will definitely continue this effort, I found it is very rewarding in term of consolidating my thoughts. I have spent too much time watching anime and movies, and end up writing too many reviews. I want to work on more serious articles on religion and social values. I want to read at least a book a month, and finished the books I have purchased but havn’t read. I’ll see whether I have time to pick up learning piano again, that would mean at least 30 minutes practice per day to make it meaningful.

I will keep my promise to Pat of going to church every week with her. In my opinion, I am already a very spiritual and faithful christian, although no one seems agree with me. I will also continue on the ball room dancing lessons, as I have already pre-paid the fee. Playing badminton every week gives me the excerise I need. I want to ski more often in Whistler and if Cypress’s condition is good, I would buy some day pass from Ian to take more ski lessons. I want to know whether I am good enough to take CSIA level 1 again.

I want to move closer to Pat, the perfect location would the rental apartments at Joyce station. I need to refresh my home to keep myself more energized. The only problem is I am not even start looking at places. I will start looking once I get the defense out of my way.

I want to get a new computer to replace my existing desktop machine, then flush it for linux to upgrade my web server. This time, I will document the steps I took to setup my server, probably with minor extra efforts and turning it into a tutorial. If I don’t writing things down, it will take me much longer to recall the memory, or basically I have to relearn the skill. My CRT monitors system is very out of date, I will upgrade to LCD displays. If the price of LCD price drop low enough, one 24″ with two 19″ is the best solution. I may consider buying my first laptop, but I will try to get one form work first. Leon had pointed out a very good point, I have to decide which kind I want. Since I am not using it as my desktop replacement, I will probably get a light and protable one. iPod video and flight sim controls would be nice to have items, but I don’t really see the need of them, so I will probably put them off until I can afford them money-wise and time-wise.

Looks like I want to accomplish too many things next year, probably some items in my list will overthrow to the year after. I only have to set the priority right and try to get as many things done as possible.

Lastly, Happy New Year to whom may read my blog. Thankyou for your patience in following my poorly throught out mubbling every day.

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