project management

In macrosopic level, after the forth round laid off last week and mass exodus followed by the end of ESPP period, the company is in totall disarray. There are many projects seriously under resources and they have to cancell other projects in order to staff them. In microsopic level, after rushed to finish the vector I assignmed to do yesterday, I thought I can catch my breath and take some easy time until the project tape out. Suddenly I got drafted to deal with another road-block vector today. The work should be done 2 weeks ago and everybody simply ignore it until the last minute. When something breaks, they just put more people to rush it throught. What’s the use of the CEO peaching the ideals from “Good to Great”, if everyone underneath is doing otherwise? Sigh… Now I have to work O.T. this sunday.


I don’t quite like the idea of blogging a few years back then. I thinked homepage is a homepage, dairy is a dairy, journal is a journal; what’s the point of mixing them up? Gradually more anad more people keep their own blog and I sorta change my attitude towards it. Finally I came to a point realizing blog just as a CMS (content management system) to keep track of daily writing, and decided to join the dark side of bloggers. I just installed this blog system, WordPress, after seeing a live demo from my friend. I hope to write something down everyday as a way to my dump mind. So that I don’t have to dump it to JuJu over our daily phone call and bored her to complain about my uninteresting talks