Game is for fun

At the foostable at work, someone always spoil the laughters and fun. Playing games are suppose to be relaxing and joyful, somehow one person in the group take it too seriously. He would trash talk when he score, swear when he is scored and really grumppy when he lost the game. He is one of the best player around, it is absolutely no fun to play against him, even with him. It is not that we are out of luck and lost big time, but rather he create a bad mood around the table. Sometimes I become quite serious during the game, especially when it’s passing back and forth for a long time without any goal. However once the someone scored or the game is finish, we make fun of each other and joke about the game, we won’t wear the tense face for long. That room is setup for creational purpose, we don’t need to give ourself more stress by creating unnecessary competition. I am just thinking, isn’t this lesson can apply to other aspect of life as well? Why stress out yourself with merely a game? Play a game seriously is a respect to your opponents, but it doesn’t mean you have to take the winning or losing of the game seriously. The question is how to distinguish what is for fun and what is not.

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