Queuing theory

Today I went up to SFU to pay my tutition fee. I arrive at about 4:30p.m., the line up is insanity long and only two counters is opened. I standed in the line for about 2-3 minutes, I decided to apply queuing theory I had learn in my communication couse to decide whether I should wait and how long I have to wait. Based on the service time (time each student at the counter), the queue length (number of students in the line), the arrival rate (new students coming to the line) and drop rate (students don’t bother to wait), I concluded I better leave now and come back in half an hour. I then went to the bookstore get the textbook, went to the library read today’s newspaper and come back to the register office at 5:00p.m. I find that the girl in front of me before I left is the 2nd one in the line. There is only 3 more people behind her. I only have to wait a few minutes to get my tutition paid. I really feel sorry for that girl who standed in line for half an hour, where she could use her time more wisely somewhere else. Engineering knowledge is really applicable in daily life.

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