Outlet Shopping

Today I went to the Premium Outlet Mall in Seattle for the first time. Actually it is my first time shopping in an outlet mall. I have experienced some time very unusal when I crossed the border this morning. Normally, the US custom just waive you pass the border. I got pulled over today and ran against a radiation detector. It was because Pat’s dad had a heart scan yesterday and the detector picked up isotope residual in his body. I guess the custom must had suspected us smuggling nuclear bomb into the States. Anyways, after tons of questions, search of the car, we are free to go after an hour delay. So we have to scrafice the Costco visit to keep the schedule.

Pat had bought quite some stuffs from the outlet mall, but I am the one who walked away handfull. I bought a pair of hiking boot from Nike and the long dued new suites. It is really a headache to pick clothings as there is no specification or preformance review for guidance. Most often the first item I pick is doomed to be rejected by Pat due to my poor taste. Then when I lower the requirement to absolute minimium of just being comfortable and let Pat pick the colour and style, she would complain about my lack of opinion. Even worse, she can somehow make a linkage to doubt my reason of picking her as girlfriend. Luckily, Pat’s brother is with us this time and he has good fashion sense, especially in the Central look. This solve my problem of picking the right clothes. I simply let them dress me, pay the bill before working away with the new clothes. From an engineer’s perspective, I still don’t understand what make one piece clothing better than another in term of fashion. One day, I will study philosophy of aesthetic to find out the answer. On the other hand, buying sports wears is much simplier. I only have to consider whether the clothing serves its design purpose well, is the price reasonable, and not in gay colour. Damn those evil fashion magazines, they had corrupted the mind of woman to make man’s life miserable just to pick the right dress.

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