Small world

It is indeed a small world after all. Yesterday I met a guy in my dancing class, literally, he is a friend of a friend of a friend of Pat, friend to the power of 3. Anyways, I didn’t pay much attention to him and we didn’t even introduce ourselves to each other. Today, when I was in the cafeteria at work, I met this guy again. It is kinda embrassed I couldn’t remember his name and have to peak his badage. It turned out he just started in PMC last week! What a small world, every people is inter-connected. Since he is also from HK, our lunch group can use new blood as it is getting smaller and smaller. I am going to drag him out this friday to have lunch with our group. Somehow I have a feeling he will make a good friend with Jenny, because they are both devoted Protestants. Sometimes I wonder, how many more this kind of people I will bump into again in course of my life? We met some time again, and then met again in an totally unexpected way. I guess it would be more odd if I somehow bump into a friend I have on the forums I hang out in real life. The only question, we normally won’t tell people what website we visit, and the only identification there is a nickname not used in real world. How do we know we already know each other?

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