Tonight I went to Tojo’s to have our year end dinner with Pat and her family. Tojo is one of the best japanese resturant in Vancouver. The speciality of Tojo is the omakase menu, which you specify the amount you are willing pay and let the chef select the dishes for you. One of the fun of having omakase is you will always have surprise, since you have no idea how you will be served. The appetizers are really good, several dishes of interesting sashimi. However the main entree is very disappointing. Due to I am allegic to many shell fishes, except scallop, I end up having just a salamon roll and two pieces of sushi. The others has exotic roll like scallop wrapped with tamago, fresh crab on asparagus roll. The dessert is even worse, just normal green tea icecream in a plain bowl, not the kind of dessert I expected from Tojo’s. There was an indian water serving our table. Although his Japanese is really fluent, he just doesn’t quite fit in. I would rather have a japanese girl serving us instead. That indian guy claimed his is married, but we see him keep harrassing another waitress, putting his hand on her shoulders, etc. Anyways, my conclusion is Tojo’s is way over priced, for the same amount I paid, I can have really delicious sushi else where.

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