Bubble tea

In this school year, the food court in SFU has opened a “Bubble Boy” bubble tea franchise. Now every week during the break in my philosophy class, I will buy myself a bubble tea. In the first week, I am the only one getting it, and caught attention of some classmate. I am surprise some of them don’t know we can buy bubble tea on campus and some even never tasted bubble tea before. Last week, there is another guy joined me to get bubble tea. This week, we have 4 guys went over there in the break. It seems bubble tea drinking has gain momentum in the class and I would expect more people join us next week. There isn’t much to do around the classroom in the 15 minutes break anyways. Two of the guys drank bubble tea the first time today. They found that quite interesting. Slowly, bubble tea become a main stream drink of local Canadians. Maybe some day, we will see Starbucks serving bubble tea to cope with the trend.

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