Whistler again

Today I went to Whistler again. Yes, two days in a row. Quite a record. This time I went to ski instead of snowmobile. Best of all, I don’t have drive. I can get a ride from a friend at work. We have a very small group today, just three of us and some friends of my friend from Seattle. The snow condition is ok, but not as good as last week. There is no new snow fall in this week, therefore the snow is high packed. My friends are hard-core skier. We had quite a few black diamond runs today. In the one of the run, I am completely whited out. My flys all over the place and slided down in 360 for at least a hundred meters. Fortunately, I didn’t look too bad since my friend share the same fate with me. It is a good day of fun, althought my skill is getting better, I have to work more on my strength. At near the end of the day, I know I should be able to do those runs, but I lack the strength to bounce around the bumps.

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