Night before moving

I have been packing all the evening for the moving tomorrow. I am surprised how much stuff I have culminated over the past 5 years. I have over 30 boxes of books, toys, clothes and misc. things. I can’t imagine how many stuff can actually fit into an one bedroom apartment. I found some things I haven’t touch and expoded some places havn’t seen lights for 5 years. The apartment is quite dirty, took me some effort to make it looks a bit more presentable. I guess it is beyond hope to get rid of all the dirt accumlated over the years. I have no choice but have the deposit deduct the cleaning fee. The most gross area is the refrigerator. I found long expired food and drinks. I almost wanted to puke after I discovered the chicken powder I have been using is expired in 2002. I have been eating it for the past 4 years! I throw away lots of things, but none of my clothes yet, since I don’t have to sort them. I won’t throw out any books or toys, so my library collection will keep growing. I guess I should control myself on buying less useless stuffs, especially food, which I tends to forget their existence and left perish in the shelf or in the refrigerator.

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