Another farewell

Another friend from work is leaving the company. He is moving back to HK for good. He seems have found a better oppertunity in Shenzhen, China. I wonder how come his girlfriend let him work in Shenzhen by himself. I have heard many stories about all the temptation in Shenzhen to young single male from HK. To make him more attractive, he even have a Canadian passport. We gave him a two part farewell. We had dinner last night followed by soccer game and went to Kirin to have dim-sum again today. However, we will see him once again at lunch on thursday if he has nothing else to do. I don’t really want to go to the soccer game last night, I was really tried after skiing on Saturday. However, since I have promised to come, I don’t want to eat my words. I feel that I am really exhausted today. My place is still full of boxes, I am still slowly unpacking my stuffs. The only problem is I have to buy new bookshelves and cabinates from Ikea to better organize my stuff. The old shelves doesn’t fit well to the layout of my new place.

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