Snow curse

Today is another great day to ski. Over the past week, we have lots of snow dump, we even see the city covered in white down here in Vancouver. Then this weekend has really good weather, sunshine and warm weather, it is a perfect day to ski. As usualy, I went to Whistler to take ski lesson today. Since I still have some cold, I take it easy today, joining my friends in lower level 5. The class started with 8 people in the morning, then 3 of them left us after lunch. I was thinking if the other two drops out as well, then I will have a super group with my friends only. I told my wishes to my friends, and they said I am bad. Shortly into the first warm up run, one of the guy have a spasm and have to go back to rest. Then we went over to the Harmony chair, came down on a black diamond run, and the remaining girl couldn’t handle the run and dropped out. So my curse is realised. It is one of the best ski lesson I had, each of us got lots of time from the instructor. 3 people with same skill level is most optimal for lessons. One-on-one lesson would be too tiring as you always have to play catch with with the instructor. 3 people gives us some rest on the way down while the instructure is coaching other people. Moreover, 3 people plus the instructor fit nicely into 1 ski lift. Too bad that the discount lesson is over this week. Taking ski lesson in Whistler really helps to improve my skill.

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