My Books

Today I suppose to work on my philosophy eassy due thursday, but instead I spent most of my time organizing my bookshelves. My place is more in shape after I put all my books into their place. I put the bookshelf in the hall way at the entrance. I think I did a good job catagorizing my books. The lowest level relates to my memories. They are my old engineering textbooks and photo albums. I wonder how much stuff I have learnt already gave back to the profressors. The second level is mostly foriegn content, Japanese mangas, anime art books, dictionary and language learning materials. I don’t collect many manga, only a few sci-fi classics, Akira, Nausciaa and Gunnm. I have almost all the released Macross Art books though. The third level is non-frictions including general science, economy, business, history, philosophy and books with inspiration. I didn’t read enough history books, this is one area I should focus on in the future. The forth level is chinese fictions and popular readings. I have a broad taste in reading chinese books, from martial arts novels to romance novels to translated novels. The top most level is the CD case and english fictions, the scope is quite limited, only sci-fi, Harry Plotter, Dan Brown and Philip Pullman. I have to overflow my religion books and recreational books to the bookshelf in my bedroom. This arrangement reflects my philosophy that relgion is one of my hobbies. I didn’t plan this arrangement ahead of time, I thought all my books would fit in one bookshelf. Probably when I realize I have to put some books in the bedroom, I grouped relgious books and hobby books together subconsciously.

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