Boot camp

I have a friend who recently quited PMC, moved back to China joining Huawai as a marketing engineer. The job description seems pretty normal when he applied and interviewed for the job. Before he starts, he was told that he will have a two weeks long orientation training. This still looks pretty ok up to this point. Since he is from Canada, the company provided him accomdation as part of the benefit and he gladly stays there until finding a better place. On the first day of work, he was waken up at 6a.m. in the morning. Instead of normal boring meeting with powerpoint slides introducing the company, he was sent down to an assembly hall with 300 hundred other new comers. The company make them sit straight and take attendance in military style by standing up and yell at the top of your lung. Then after the attendance, they was sent to court yield to pratice marching, running laps and do push ups. At the end of the first day, my friend feels something is really wrong and flee back to HK. He contacted the HR department and found out they put him into the local orientation instead of orientation for foriegners. I wonder what kind of company makes its employees literally go through a boot camp? Maybe it is not that surprising since Huawai is funded by the Chinese Army after all. Now, I am curious on what kind of orientation will the foriegners have.

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  1. I feel sorry for your friend! Luckily he has escaped from the boot camp =)

    One old proverb says, “yun bit sui sin orh kei tai fu’ (translated as – one must hungry their body and skin)… obviously, we have been really spoiled as a
    Chinese living outside from mainland!

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