CSIA level 1 certified

I am finally officially a certified ski instructor of the Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance. I just passed my CSIA level 1 instructor exam and qualified to teach beginners up to easy blue runs. I have been quite nervous about this course for the past week. I know my skiing is not perfect, so there is a chance I may fail again. I had took the course two years ago and failed. At that time, I just did it for fun companied a friend, didn’t expect I would pass. However I failed so miserably and make me itchy to fix that black dot in my life. My ski definitely improved alot in the past two weekends, and I think I barely pass the skill test, having standard rating all along. I did pretty good on the teaching portion, I got above average rating. The exam is not only physically but also mentally challenaged. The exam ended at 2p.m., I thought I could have a few more runs while waiting for the instructors writing the report card. I found I couldn’t even turn properly on the first run, I had completely drained my energy and mental power in the morning. So I joined other classmates to have beer in the pub instead. The instructors posted a list of name who had passed the exam. My heart was pounding when I am reading down the list. Luckily, I found my name at the 2nd last line. It really scared me. Since I am now a ski instructor, I plan to will give some free lessons to my friends. If any one interested, just drop me an email or give me a call.

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